It is for vehicle classification. Its input is vehicle sensor and its output is signal to Toll Collector Terminal.

It is provided in toll entrance and exit. In entrance, TCT records vehicle categories. In exit, it records vehicle classification and payment. Technically it handles some tools and sensors, connected to gate computer. In addition to recording data, it also has function to audit. Uniquely, this system produces data in print-out form, classification light display, and audio form. Particularly, the audio form which can be directly heard by driver includes information of toll fare.

It is integrated information system in gas station. Those integrated are gate entrance, filling point, gate exit, office, and reporting. This unit is able to transfer litre display from bordes near pipe. In addition, iButton is provided for marking vehicles to determine which filling point can be used for certain vehicles and to make a sign of starting filling process.

Telemetry includes those related to controlling and measuring system which exchanges data through long-distance communication media. Not only measuring, this system but also controls its process, such as water level in dam, data processing of GPS in a car, transaction in toll ticket booth, etc. Long-distance data transmission enables resulting data of measurement to be remotely accessed from the location which the measurement takes place. Media used is wireless.

It is built in single board circuit. Its design focuses on single or double microprocessor with RAM IO, and other necessary features to make computer run. This SBC is usually used for basic embedded format or for supports of other wares to improve control and interfacing performance.

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